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What's it? - "Health"
In common use and medicine, health is "a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity."

We present for your attention a series of paintings "Health". This collection of amazingly beautiful paintings represents different people who are endowed with these qualities.

Why did we create these works?
We rarely think that only a combination of the three components of health can give calmness, peace and joy. In order for a person to be reminded of this and maintain a balance in the three components, the neuro artist Maja drew us these amazing pictures.

We suggest that you take advantage of magical practice, use the mechanics that have been developed over the years, bearing fruit for the chosen ones. In order to get something in our life, we must not just really want it, but take it and do something on the way to achieving our desire.

Since ancient times, art has been used not only as beautiful things, but also as magical objects that change our reality and bring the desired benefits to our lives.

Therefore, we decided, in these paintings called "Health", to combine everyday experience, mechanics and magic into one to attract health into your life - Physical, Mental and Social.

How it works?
A person who buys our painting "Health" takes the first step towards his cherished goal and this step makes him take the second step - to print a picture with a delightful image, then the third step is to find a worthy frame for your picture, then the fourth step is to find a place in the house for this amazing masterpiece.

And try to imagine how much time and effort you have already spent on the way to your goal, what a lot of obstacles and difficult decisions you had to make to get the cherished desire. But that's not all, it's just the beginning of the journey...

Then you will find this picture a worthy place in your home and every day for many hours you will admire the view of the breathtaking tranquility of all three components in one. And, not only you, but also your guests, relatives, friends will discuss this picture and thus bring the moment of the miracle closer.

Your imagination will be excited by your sword every day, images and sensations of a miracle that has already happened will come, and these are very good signs that a miracle is about to happen ... And, it - a MIRACLE - HAPPENED! LET IT BE! IT IS!

This is how the everyday magic of art works, changing our reality.

Call for Accession
We urge you all to join this project, tell your friends, acquaintances, share posts on social networks and help many people in need learn about this project.

As well as everyone who wants and has the opportunity - we ask you to translate the article into your native language and send it to us by e-mail [email protected] and we will publish it with your name and gratitude for your contribution to the "Health" program.
About the author
Everyone is interested in who is the author of these paintings, hiding behind the pseudonym Maja, but, unfortunately, today we cannot reveal the name of the author, but we can slightly open the veil and tell the difficult fate of this woman raising 6 children.

At a young age, she had a cherished desire to have many children, but fate turned out differently. For six years in a row, she became pregnant, but she could not bear the babies. The child died at different periods of her life, and the girl fell into despair and depression. It goes without saying that after such tests and surgical interventions, Maja's health was undermined.

And imagine how much courage, desire and strength you had to have in order to later become a mother of 6 children, restore your social status, restore mental and physical health. To live happily in the family and give us the opportunity to admire these beautiful works.

With Gratitude and Love, Yours
Flamingos96 Graphics

* Write your feedback, suggestions, ask questions by mail [email protected] You will be answered by the author of the paintings Maja.

Why are there so few male images?
Health is not a person and therefore has no gender. The picture you choose will affect both the man and the woman.

We present for your attention a series of paintings "Health". This collection of amazingly beautiful paintings represents different people who are endowed with these qualities.

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